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aj's Christmas Gift Vouchers

Looking for a simple Christmas Gift that has a massive impact?? An AJ Hackett Cairns Gift Voucher is what you need!! 

Give the gift of awesomeness. A Christmas present that will be remembered for life and put you into the All-time Greats category of gift givers.

The perfect pressie for your lover, fav homie, visiting family or friends, neighbours, a colleague, gym buddy or anyone awesome in your life!!

 Jump online or give us a call now. It takes 5 minutes and you can receive the voucher via email or post.

Bungy Jump – From $139

Includes a life-changing experience and sweet T-shirt 

Giant Jungle Swing – From $69

The Cool and Fun factor in one, great for the kids and cuzzies this school holidays!!

Family Swing Pack – $199 

Give those visiting family or friends the ultimate Cairns experience on Australia’s ONLY multi-person Jungle Swing.

Groundrush Membership – From $139

Locals ONLY Perks. A Yearly Membership that entitles the holder 1x $10 activity/day for 12 months plus a heap load of other awesomeness.

All Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. For vouchers to be posted please note there is a $5 charge and last orders need to be placed by 5 pm Wed 19th December. Email vouchers will be sent within 24hrs of receiving the booking. Please note last email orders need to be placed by 3 pm Mon 24th December if you wish to receive a voucher before Christmas. Groundrush Membership Gift Vouchers are only available to local Cairns residents that are able to show some form of Local photo ID. Family Swing is valid for 3x people, must have minimum 1x Child. 

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are lame

If you’ve no idea what to get your mate, lover or grandma, here’s a good start of what not to get. Don’t become a lame gift giver, jump straight for an AJ Gift Voucher and you’ll have your nearest and dearest jumping for joy !?