Your Bungy Experience

“What an experience! ”

Lee Brodie , GB

“Truly amazing! I've always considered myself quite a confident, outdoorsy and adventurous person. I've never had any fears with aerial assault courses, zip lines, diving from high boards etc etc. However none of that can prepare you for what really was the experience of a life time, standing 50 metres above the ground (which is no surreal concept like in a sky dive, its RIGHT THERE). Fortunately staff were so helpful and encouraging it was easy to overcome the obvious fear. The bungee itself was incredible and almost indescribable. Afterwards was just as amazing an experience, the staff were so kind and helpful, full of praise and welcoming. Even sharing videos and stories of more extreme jumps they've done, treating you like a member of a club you've just joined! Can't rate the experience highly enough. ”