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Welcome to the World's Most Extreme Tower, home to the World's Highest Bungy - 233m. You may know Macau as the "Las Vegas of the East" but at AJ Hackett you'll have the Safest Gamble in Town.

Walk on the wide side with Skywalk, drop off the edge with Skyjump, or take on the World's Highest Urban Tower Climb - 338m. Night Bungy every night, book in advance to avoid disappointment. Macau Tower is the highest Skypark on the planet and only one hour from Hong Kong, by ferry.

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What We Do Best

In 1987 AJ Hackett jumped illegally from the Eiffel Tower and in doing so launched bungy jumping to the world. More than 25 years and 3.5 million jumps later, AJ Hackett now operates the world's most innovative gravity related products anywhere on the planet.

Your Adventure Starts Here. Book Now

Latest Updates

14th December 2018

When was the last time you felt ALIVE? Skypark AJ Hackett Sochi / Скайпарк ЭйДжей Хаккетт

12th December 2018

Recharging the energy and having a bite 🤓 Tower Climb is AWESOME and here in Macau it's the only place in the World where you can climb all the way up to the mast! 🏆

12th December 2018

Hit the Translation button 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻@skyparkajhackettsochi ・・・ Таня вернулась? Нет! Таня в отпуске и многие из вас уже знают, что она в гостях у ребят @aj_hackett_macau_tower! Разница во времени дает о себе знать, поэтому сегодня только ранние пташки или те, кто встает не по московскому времени, увидели прямой эфир Тани вовремя;) 👍А кто не успел, смотрите его в записи! ⠀ Узнаете много всего интересного о площадке в Макао и получите еще один заряд эмоций от Танюхи! ⠀ #skyparksochi #skyparkajhackettsochi #skyparkajhackett #чтоделатьвсочи #sochi #сочи #скайпарк #аттракционысочи #sochifornia #сочифорния #сочионлайн #отдыхвсочи #skypark #bungy69 #банджи69 #банджисочи #bungy #банджи

12th December 2018

Looking for the perfect Christmas present for your friends and family? Show them how much they mean to you by throwing them off something really high! Give them the ability to fly with our Gift Vouchers, available to purchase at our counters! Don't be a lame gift giver:

11th December 2018

Night down views at @macau_tower_official #gorg #nofilter

10th December 2018

Don't care about the hips, all we know is that that smile doesn't lie!

7th December 2018

Weekend mood ON 🚀 seize the day, people and enjoy life!

6th December 2018

AJ Hackett Macau Tower is totally Instagram-worthy! Follow us on IG: @aj_hackett_macau_tower

6th December 2018

A perfectly captured before & after, proving bungy will put a smile on your face!😁 Viaduc de la Souleuvre / AJ Hackett Normandie

5th December 2018

Warning: exclusive shenanigans only available via Instagram! Follow us and check out our stories, highlights and tag us on your posts! Find us: @aj_hackett_macau_tower

4th December 2018

Look into the horizon and #slowdown it’s only Tuesday 😅 #pieceofcake

4th December 2018

You've reached Macau's summit: what's your move?

3rd December 2018

Our very own @tonyorourke69 jumped off where he first started, in @taupobungynz #cannonball jump anyone?

2nd December 2018

Leng jai (means cute boy) @kengpanlee snapping leng loi (means cute girl) @macau_tower_official 👌🏻📷 #translations 🇲🇴

2nd December 2018

#Repost @nabila.razali Korang nak tgk video Bella buat Bungee jumping kat Macao Tower haritu tak? Kalau nak komen “YASSS ✅” cukup 1000 komen Bella upload 😜 . . #NabilaTakesMacao #ExperienceMacao #MacaoTourismMalaysia #bungeejumping

2nd December 2018

When someone says you can't do it, do it twice - the second jump is cheaper anyway 😏 Book your second AJ Hackett bungy with us:

29th November 2018

For those who seek unique experiences, try Skywalk or Bungy at night! To book a slot during nighttime, contact us directly:

28th November 2018

Not your average walk in the park, for sure! Take advantage of the sweater weather and challenge your friends or family for Skywalk! Learn more:

27th November 2018

#Repost @skyparkajhackettsochi ・・・ Будет забавно сказать, что мы врываемся в осень, когда на календаре 25 ноября, да?😂 ⠀ У нас только сейчас во всю начали желтеть листья! Красота неописуемая в ущелье! ⠀ #skyparksochi #skyparkajhackettsochi #skyparkajhackett #чтоделатьвсочи #sochi #сочи #скайпарк #bungy207 #bungy #банджи #банджисочи #аттракционысочи #sochifornia #сочифорния #сочионлайн #отдыхвсочи #skypark

26th November 2018

What's stopping YOU, when Denise (76) does bungy AGAIN (and again, and again..)? AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

24th November 2018

Saturday fewlings. Visit @macau_tower_official and get adventurous with @aj_hackett_macau_tower ... just come up to the 61st floor 😉

23rd November 2018

Macau is the ultimate destination for those who seek new heights: take your adventures to the next level and climb the Macau Tower - the only in the world where you're allowed to reach the peak! Book your adventure now:

23rd November 2018

2️⃣ years in a row! Massive thanks to all who voted for us and to @tripzillamag for honouring us as The Best Attraction for Adrenaline Junkies for 2018. Cheers! 🥂

20th November 2018

Breaking news: levitation caught on camera! 📷

18th November 2018

Just a portion of the impressive 360 view you can get right here at the #macautower. Start your adventure here:

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