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Home to the World's Highest Bungy - 233m. Walk on the wide side with Skywalk, drop off the edge with Skyjump, or take on the World's Highest Urban Tower Climb - 338m. Night Bungy every night, book in advance to avoid disappointment. Macau Tower only one hour from Hong Kong by ferry.

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In 1987 AJ Hackett jumped illegally from the Eiffel Tower and in doing so launched bungy jumping to the world. More than 25 years and 3.5 million jumps later, AJ Hackett now operates the world's most innovative gravity related products anywhere on the planet.

Your Adventure Starts Here. Book Now

Latest Updates

26th May 2017

Macau is being represented by Ms. Lin Lam as the World Supermodel Pageant continues today at the Macau Tower. Come show your support before the crowning ceremony tomorrow! Tickets are available at Macau Tower See you later from 7:30pm to 9:00pm Fashion Show 3:Bridal Wear Banquet Hall, 3F, Macau Tower 由林琳小姐代表出選的「全球超模選拔」今日繼續在澳門旅遊塔舉行。 在明晚頒獎禮前親臨支持! 門票於澳門旅遊塔發售。 今晚7時半至9時 國際時尚週時裝表演三:時尚婚紗表演 澳門旅遊塔3樓囍宴廳

25th May 2017

The World Supermodel Pageant continues today with another fashion show that will make you melt...Summer has arrived early this year - get ready to see the elegant models in Swimwear! Join us from 7:30pm-9:00pm Fashion Show 2:Swimwear Banquet Hall, 3F, Macau Tower

25th May 2017

Girl Power! When was the last time you did something great? 女子力量! 上一次挑戰自己係幾時?

24th May 2017

Catwalk like no other - The World Supermodel Peagent candidates showed off their skills during Skywalk yesterday, taking fashion to new heights! Take a look at local TV channel 澳門廣播電視股份有限公司 TDM-Teledifusão de Macau, S.A. and tell us what you think and join the ladies from 7:30pm-9:00pm at Macau Tower! Tickets are available at Macau Tower. For our English speaking friends, take a look here for the english coverage (push to 23:30) 獨一無二的時尚天橋-一眾「全球超模選拔」參賽者昨日在空中漫步上走秀,把時尚帶到全新高度! 立即觀看澳門廣播電視股份有限公司報導,今晚7時半至9時親臨澳門旅遊塔欣賞時裝表演。 門票於澳門旅遊塔發售。

24th May 2017

The World Supermodel Pageant is debuting in Macau TODAY! The beautiful candidates that conquered the Highest Catwalk Challenge at Macau Tower (photo) invite you to join them from May 24-27 at Macau Tower! Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for daily updates! Tickets are available today from 3pm at Macau Tower. Today, May 24 (Wed): 7:30pm-9:00pm Fashion Show 1:Local Designers Location: Banquet Hall, 3F, Macau Tower 「全球超模選拔」今日澳門登場! 一眾超模在澳門旅遊塔挑戰 「世界最高時尚天橋」,誠邀你於5月24-27日親臨澳門旅遊塔參觀國際時尚週時裝表演。 我們將會在Facebook為你送上每日最新消息,敬請留意! 門票今日下午3時開始在澳門旅遊塔發售。 5月24日星期三(今日): 晚上7時半至9時 國際時尚週時裝表演一:本地設計師時裝表演 地點:澳門旅遊塔3樓囍宴廳

23rd May 2017

It's an honour to be able to help others in need and AJ Hackett Macau proudly supports @OrbisMacau and their/our cause. Thank you Orbis for the fight against blindness. Find our more about how you can help and join us in this honourable act: 我們非常榮幸能夠幫助有需要的人士,澳門旅遊塔 AJ Hackett 全力支持奧比斯澳門。 感謝奧比斯讓世界重見光明,歡迎一齊參與支持:

22nd May 2017

Monday inspiration: don't let your fears get in your way! 星期一小貼士:不要讓恐懼阻擋你!

19th May 2017

Skyjump with your best bud! It's time to make new memories together... Contact us directly to book your jump together: or +853 8988 8656. 和你最好的姊妹一齊雙人高飛跳,留下最難忘的回憶! 立即預訂 8988 8656

15th May 2017

He knows bests - Skywalk has the best spot for meditation, with lots of fresh air! 識玩一定玩空中瑜珈,空氣清新⋯⋯

10th May 2017

Start Watching at 4:48, really fun

9th May 2017

Story Time: Once upon a time a great man called Aj Hackett had the craziest (and illegal) idea to string himself by the legs and jump off the Eiffel Tower in 1987 and... BAM!! Bungy become the sport we love today. Thanks Aj, you're the man. 舊故事:在1987年,有一個叫做Aj Hackett的男人,綁著自己雙腳就從巴黎鐵塔上跳下來,從而成為了今時今日的笨豬跳。

3rd May 2017

It's a wonderful day for adventure! Skyjump, Bungy, Skywalk & Tower Climb - Conquer all four with Aj Hackett's Awesome Foursome combo! Check out all Combo offers here: 今日是你挑戰終極冒險的最佳日子! 高飛跳、笨豬跳、空中漫步、百步登天,AJ Hackett帶你上天下海! 立即瀏覽我們的四合一套票:

28th April 2017

Plummet without fear and smile - you're being filmed! 一邊跳一邊笑先係專業演員

26th April 2017

"Draw me like one of your french girls"😂 「我似唔似琦溫斯莉?」⋯⋯😂

25th April 2017

Fearless and confident - kids are the best! 細路都得,你唔係驚呀?

24th April 2017

So fresh! #AJHackett #MacauTower #233m #worldshighest #BungyJump #bungy #bungee #jump #bungeejumping #GoPro #GoProVideo #actioncam #goodmusic #sofresh #soclean #outkast #ultimate #bucketlist #extreme #urbanadventures #travel #thingstodo #Macau #destination #selfie #video #AJHackettWorldwide

24th April 2017

This is team "Climb & Conquer" - what would your Tower Climb team be called? 呢隊人叫《Climb & Conquer》,你嗰隊又叫咩名?

21st April 2017

3 friends, 1 list, 1 great adventure - check out the adventures of "Ontourage" in Macau where they inevitably visited AJ Hackett at Macau Tower and... See for yourself! Thank you Ontourage for visiting us and we hope to see you again here or at any AJ Hackett site for more adventures to come! Ontourage Youtube Channel: 三個人,一條心,一齊跳!「Ontourage」來到澳門旅遊塔 AJ Hackett 挑戰高飛跳! 感謝「Ontourage」大駕光臨,下次記得挑戰笨豬跳! Ontourage Youtube 頻道:

21st April 2017

Pre-jump briefing. #AJHackett #MacauTower #233m #worldshighest #BungyJump #bungy #jump #bungee #bungeejumping #briefing #AJHackettWorldwide

20th April 2017

Hairstyle by AJ Hackett Macau Tower. #AJHackett #MacauTower #233m #worldshighest #BungyJump #Bungy #jump #bungee #bungeejumping #hair #hairstyles #styled #GoPro #goprophotography #actioncam #pov #bucketlist #travelgram #travel #destination #Macau #potd #picoftheday #AJHackettWorldwide

19th April 2017

Work perks at Aj Hackett Macau - our crew members get to have FUN at work everyday! This is Melmam hanging out before SkyJump! 作為澳門旅遊塔AJ Hackett的員工,最大福利就是每天返工都咁開心!

19th April 2017

Love from above. #AJHackett #MacauTower #338m #worldshighest #TowerClimb #urbanclimbing #GoPro #goprophotography #love #lovefromabove #loveisintheair #kiss #Macau #Tower #urbanadventures #picoftheday #potd #bucketlist #travel #travelgram #instagood #instalove #AJHackettWorldwide

18th April 2017

Seeing my video again n again Safety standards were very well managed I was not even slightest bothered Would come n number of times Very very happy n feeling sense of pride by bungee jumping Words cannot express my feelings Great job Thank you

17th April 2017

We won't lie to you: Tower Climb is on of the toughest activities here at Aj Hackett Macau, but the view from the top is absolutely worth it! 講真,百步登天是澳門旅遊塔AJ Hackett最艱難的挑戰,但塔頂景色絕對值回票價!

16th April 2017

Some photos from Peter's inspiring Skyjump. (Swipe to see more) #AJHackett #MacauTower #233m #Skyjump #inspiration #Sunday #rockstar #champ #bucketlist #dream #whywedoit #AJHackettWorldwide @ AJ Hackett Macau Tower

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