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Home to the World's Highest Bungy - 233m. Walk on the wide side with Skywalk, drop off the edge with Skyjump, or take on the World's Highest Urban Tower Climb - 338m. Night Bungy every night, book in advance to avoid disappointment. Macau Tower only one hour from Hong Kong by ferry.

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What We Do Best

In 1987 AJ Hackett jumped illegally from the Eiffel Tower and in doing so launched bungy jumping to the world. More than 25 years and 3.5 million jumps later, AJ Hackett now operates the world's most innovative gravity related products anywhere on the planet.

Your Adventure Starts Here. Book Now

Latest Updates

22nd June 2017

Picture this: 1️⃣ you're in #love 2️⃣ you're in #town 3️⃣ you love #heights 4️⃣ you need a #thirdwheel Look no further. TOWER CLIMB IS WHAT YOU NEED!! 👏🏻👏🏻😃 #AJHackett #macau #tower #climb #fun at #338m 😱😱

22nd June 2017

Wanna #BeOneOfTheFirst? Be the first to #VerticalSkywalk, #GiantSwing or #BungyJump off #Singapore's first and only jump site at #AJHackett #Sentosa. For more info visit

21st June 2017

It made us happy to able to give back a little to who gives a LOT! Thank you 澳門扶康會 Fuhong Society of Macau for visiting us and spread your love! We invite you to follow Fuhong Society of Macau's Facebook page and learn more about this non-profit social service organisation - aided by a group of volunteers - and what they do to help our disabled citizens. A truly honourable cause. 我們很高興可以作出微小的貢獻!感謝澳門扶康會光臨傳播愛! 誠邀你關注澳門扶康會Facebook專頁,了解這個由一群志願者創立的非營利性社會服務機構,如何幫助殘疾人士。 一個真正光榮的事業。

21st June 2017

"Yeah I'm freeeeee, free fallin'!" Yeah 真係好似飛緊咁⋯⋯

21st June 2017

BUNGY Approved Meals at #cafeon4 😍🍛🥇#bungy #meals #macau 😱 1️⃣Chef's Fri-Rai 2️⃣ 🍕 pockets #yummo #nomnom @ Macau Tower

21st June 2017

Excuse me. Please Correct misspelling name. 『 Kinoshita 』 2017-06-03

21st June 2017

Harness fitting? 👌🏻 Going outside for a lil walk? 👌🏻#brave #kid ? 👌🏻 Mr. T with sore #biceps 👌🏻 #ajhackett #skywalk #fun #wednesdays ✌🏻

18th June 2017

Happy Father's Day! 父親節快樂!

16th June 2017

Check out the gorgeous lights chilled mood of a #sunset #skywalk 🌄over #macau and #taipa !! We know @roadtofreedom_vm enjoyed it. Thanks 🙏🏻 for popping by Vera. 🇵🇹

16th June 2017

The Russian Paralympic team has conquered the heights at Sochi Skypark - check out this very special moment and share it with the World! 俄羅斯殘奧隊已經征服了索契Skypark的高度-即睇感動一刻。

15th June 2017

There she is 😍

14th June 2017

What kind of Dad is yours? If he's the adventurous type, we've got you covered with… 你爸爸有咩愛好? 如果佢最鍾意冒險⋯⋯你知點做啦⋯⋯

13th June 2017

"Your brain says no but you say go!” - Rodney Price had 9 bungy jumps before his detailed review. Check out what he had to say about his experience with AJ Hackett Macau and let us know your thoughts, too! 「你個腦叫你停但你仍要繼續去!」-Rodney Price 已經挑戰咗9次笨豬跳! 即睇 Rodney Price 在澳門旅遊塔 AJ Hackett 的體驗,話俾我地知你點睇!

12th June 2017

Happy Birthday to Canon Hong Kong Capturing your smiles at Aj Hackett Macau, our operation is equipped with amazing gear provided by our partners at Canon Hong Kong who are turning 45 this year! A great reason to smile about - congratulations for this milestone! Learn more about their history below. 佳能香港生日快樂! 在澳門旅遊塔 AJ Hackett 拍下你最興奮的笑容,全賴我們的合作伙伴佳能香港的專業設備!恭喜佳能植根香港45週年! 立即了解他們的歴史。

10th June 2017

In case you missed it, here are the highlights of the World Supermodel Pageant held here at Macau Tower - all 38 contestants made our hearts jump! 全球超模選拔經已完滿結束,一齊重溫38位名模在澳門旅遊塔帶給我們的心跳!

9th June 2017

Who can fill in the blank? Only ____ floors to go! 來玩下填空: 仲有__層就到!

8th June 2017

55Km in length, this mega structure has so much steal it'd be enough to built 60 Eiffel Towers! Totally worth sharing, check out the video: 55公里的長度,物料足以興建60座艾菲爾鐵塔!歡迎觀看:

8th June 2017

THE Man with the big #smile and the #thumbsup is ready to share the #energy that will boost up the team for #summer time. #ajhackett #kirbyleadership #training #leadself #personaldevelopment bout to go down 💆🏻

7th June 2017

Don't turn your back to adventure - unless you're jumping backwards at the highest bungy in the WORLD! Book your bungy today: 要積極面對挑戰,除非你選擇背跳⋯⋯ 立即預約笨豬跳

5th June 2017

He did it AGAIN! AJ Hackett has received the "New Zealand Order of Merit for Services to Adventure Tourism" award for putting New Zealand on the map as the World's Adventure Capital! Find out what was the first thought that ran through the bungy pioneer's head, moments before he jumped off to making history - that YOU are also part of! Thank you to everyone for the amazing support and for your adventurer's souls which keep us going! 因為 AJ Hackett 致力把新西蘭打造為世界冒險之都,所以榮獲《新西蘭冒險旅遊服務》大獎! 歡迎了解笨豬跳先驅在歷史性一跳之前在想什麼。 感謝大家支持,讓我們一起挑戰!

5th June 2017

Which side are you on? Be on the outside here at AJ Hackett Macau Tower - we guarantee is way more fun! 與其在裡面看,不如在外面望回入面

2nd June 2017

Congratulations to Alongoo Tungalagtamir, contestant from Mongolia, crowned winner of the 10th World Supermodel Pageant AND taking home the World Teen Supermodel 2017 title! We would also like to congratulate local contestant Lin Lam for winning the the best in Swimwear! 恭喜來自蒙古的參賽者 Alongoo Tungalagtamir 勝出第十屆全球超模選拔,並獲得2017全球青少年超模名銜! 同時恭賀澳門參賽者林琳贏得最佳泳裝殊榮

2nd June 2017

#BEONEOFTHEFIRST Aj Hackett Sentosa is opening soon and YOU can be the FIRST to JUMP, SWING or DESCEND off the 50m tower! To learn how, click below ⬇️⬇️ #率先挑戰 新加坡聖淘沙 AJ Hackett 即將開幕,搶先體驗50米高的笨豬跳吧! 即睇詳情 ⬇️⬇️

1st June 2017

Oh, the greatest little treasures in life - our children! Happy Children's Day! 最偉大的小寶貝們-兒童節快樂!

31st May 2017

That feeling when you know "you've reached the peak of The World's Highest Urban Climb 388m/1109F" - it's happiness! 當你終於爬上全球最高388米城市爬塔,絕對估唔到咁開心!

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