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home of the world's highest bungy jump

Welcome to the world's most extreme bungy tower, located right in the heart of downtown Macau!

Only one hour ferry ride away from Hong Kong stands the highest Skypark on the planet. Take the 233-meter plunge on the world’s highest commercial Bungy Jump (building). Live life on the edge (literally!) and dare to walk the Skywalk. Be your own stuntman with Skyjump. Take in the city lights and get your adrenaline fix all at once with our Night Bungy. Or conquer Macau’s highest summit with our Tower Climb.

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What We Do Best

In 1987, AJ Hackett illegally jumped from the Eiffel Tower and in doing so launched a Bungy jumping revolution. More than 30 years and 4 million successful jumps later, AJ Hackett is now the world’s largest commercial Bungy operator, bringing Bungy and other innovative gravity-defying products to countries across the globe.

Experience the thrill of bungy for yourself at AJ Hackett Macau!


Your Adventure Starts Here. Book Now

Latest Updates

20th August 2019

Check us out side by side with Macau's main landmarks and attractions on AirAsia's Macau Promotional Video - Taste of Macao! 😉👉

19th August 2019

Say HELLO to Peter, John, Charles and Angus some of the many smiling faces you'll run into here at AJ Hackett Macau Tower! 😁✌️

18th August 2019

Skywalk truly is fun for the entire family - at 233 meters up! 😍✌️Check out details on our Skywalk activity, including prices and reservations here: 👉

17th August 2019

Bungy jumping, AJ Hackett Macau Tower! At 233m, this is the highest commercial bungee jump on the planet 😍 #adventure #macau #china #asia #explore #feelalive #taketheplunge #thrillseekers #travel

16th August 2019


15th August 2019

Set your night aglow! ✨ Join us in September for the 30th anniversary of Macao's International Fireworks Display Contest. DM for more info or contact us direct.

15th August 2019

Summer is in full swing here at AJ Hackett Macau Tower! Have you visited us yet?? 😉✌️

14th August 2019

Top of the world! Thank you @countess_yelyzaveta for this beautiful shot from your Skywalk experience! Check it out on Instagram! ✌️😍

13th August 2019

😍TOO CUTE!!🥰 Look at this little guy doing his thing 233m up on the Skywalk! . . #baby #skywalkbaby #kids

13th August 2019

Mom & Daughter #summer #memories like no other, only at AJ’s 😍

12th August 2019

Long way to the top! Check out our Tower Climb activity! Details available here: 👉

11th August 2019

A big shout out to for their awesome review of our Tower Climb. 😉👍 Check out the video 👉

9th August 2019

Bungy day…or night! 😉✌️

8th August 2019

Thank you @darylthedork for this beautiful shot of Macau Tower at night! Check out these photos and more on Instagram! 😍👍

5th August 2019

When @pmachadoo is on a tear... #gorgeous #macau #tower

5th August 2019

We dare you to find a more exciting activity in Macau! 😉👍

4th August 2019

Sometimes you just have to let go... live is on the the other side of fear. #pushyourlimits #createyourstory

1st August 2019

Thank you to @hanjiwon2 for this amazing shot hanging off of the edge of Macau Tower! Check out her photos on Instagram! 😍✌️

30th July 2019

Have you planned where to watch this years #fireworks contest yet? 😉 Book with us now. DM FOR MORE! 🎇

26th July 2019

SUMMER 2019 🇲🇴 . . 📷 creds to @jaquelinegislenevizeu 👌🏻

21st July 2019

Why live at the edge…when you can jump off it?? Have you taken the plunge yet with us here at Macau Tower?

20th July 2019

We’re waiting for you @deejaysoda ☺️ ・・・ 여러분 안녕하세요~ 소다예요!!😍😍내일 저기 보이는 마카오타워에서 번지점프를 하기로 했는데 과연 할 수 있을까요??😭😭고소공포증이 있는데 이겨내고 해볼께요 새로운 도전을 하겠습니다!! 저에게 힘을 주세요!!! 💪🏻💪🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💕 Hi guys! I’m here in #Macau !!#Macautower will be my first bungy jumping place! Do you think I could make this? I actually have acrophobia ...😭😭 !!!!! Please cheer me up everybody💪🏻💪🏻💖!!

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