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BMX - Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Available to: BMX bike jumps are available for returning customers, who have previously Bungy Jumped at AJ Hackett Macau Tower (AJHMT).

    1. Bookings are only available weekly on Fridays. 
    2. Customers must have completed at least one Bungy jump off the Macau Tower prior to purchasing the BMX Bike Jump package. Proof of this jump may have to be verified by the customer. Proof can be offered via the AJHMT Local Legends database, Bungy Jump photos or video or Bungy Jump certificates.

    3. If a customer has not yet Bungy Jumped at AJHMT this can be arranged. In this case, the customer will need to purchase a standard Bungy Jump package first.  The purpose of this first jump is to get accustomed to the sensation of Bungy Jumping. This is a requirement before the customer moves forward and purchases the BMX Bike Jump package.

  2. On the day: The BMX Bike Jump requires a much higher degree of confidence than a regular Bungy Jump. Therefore, on the day of the BMX Bike Jump participants will be required to do a Harness Bungy Jump first and then do a simple skill assessment on the bike to ensure they are well prepared. It's important the customer is confident in their ability to complete the bike jump. Jumpers will be assessed and approved by the AJ Hackett Jump Master. It is at the Jump Masters final decision whether the customer meets the bike jump skill requirements.

    1. BMX Bike Skill Assessment

      1. Jumpers must show they can competently and confidently ride the bike and perform some simple maneuvers.

      2. Jumpers will need to:
        - Ride the bike along a mark on the ground in a straight line.
        - Complete a slalom cone drill at speed and then slowly.
        - Generate speed in a confined space.

3. Below is a summary of the steps: 

- Customer participates in their first Bungy Jump at AJHMT (1st jump).

- Customer books and schedules their BMX Bungy Jump package at AJHMT.

- On the day of the BMX Bike Jump the customer does a running Harness Bungy Jump first. 

- After the running Harness Bungy Jump the customer does a simple bike skill assessment.

- After the skill assessment the Jump Master approves or denies the bike jump.

- After approval the jump is set up and the customer does the bike jump.

4. Duration: The time it takes for the customer to complete the BMX Bike Jump package on the day may be extended depending on the assessment, safety concerns and or weather conditions. Customers are advised to make arrangements to stay longer in advance just in case more time is needed to complete the jump processes.

5. Paying for your BMX Bike Jump package (Mop $1,676)

1st Step: The first step is to pay $688 to confirm the booking. This payment includes the running Harness Jump Bungy Jump and the BMX bike assessment. 

2nd Step: Once the BMX Bike Jump assessment is approved by the Jump Master, the customer will be required to pay the additional cost of $988 for the BMX Bike Jump. If the customer does not pass the bike assessment they will not be required to pay the $988. 

Note: These prices and rates apply only to Macau Residents, including Macau ID, Blue & Green Cards and Macau Student ID cardholders.  

If the customer passes the assessment, purchases the bike jump, but then IS NOT ABLE TO JUMP (DNJ) the following 3 options will apply:

1. Customers can choose to jump again on the same day with the media package included.

2. Customers can choose to take a voucher for the BMX Bike Jump and reschedule for another day.  (if the customer chooses this option they must do another running harness jump on a rescheduled day and this will incur an additional cost of $688, on the day). 

3. Customers can choose to transfer a Bungy Jump voucher to a friend or family member to the value of $988 (1st-time Bungy Jump price).

In the case that the AJHMT Jump Master stops either of the running Harness Bungy Jump or BMX Bike Jump steps for reasons relating to weather, machinery or maintenance the customer/s will be rescheduled and not charged for any steps they have paid for and completed.

AJHMT reserves the right to all final decisions on the customer's suitability to participate in the bike jump. If a customer's safety is deemed at risk, AJHMT reserves the right to cancel the activity immediately.

AJHMT reserves the right to enforce all other general terms and conditions that apply to their activities.

The maximum weight for a jumper (without the bike or harness) is 90 kg.

The minimum weight for a jumper (without the bike or harness) is 40kg.

The minimum age for a jumper is 15 years old.

should be made in advance and will be confirmed on a case-by-case basis depending on bike jump availability. Availability may change from day-to-day, depending on weather conditions and other safety factors that are taken into consideration.


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