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Skyjump & Tower Climb Combo

Climb up to the 61st floor check out the views, do a Skyjump and finish off by climbing all the way to the Top of Macau at 338m... What a day, right? Get this combo now then! 

Click Here: For information, photos & videos of Tower Climb.

Click Here: For information, photos & videos of Skyjump

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Fast Facts
  • Combo can be done within 3 hours or split into two sessions throughout a day
  • Activities can be done in any order
INCLUDES (depending on the pkg)
  • Bungy Jump & Tower Climb Express & Skyjump  
  • Certificates of all activities
  • Video & photos of your Bungy Jump and Skyjump,  and Photos of Tower Climb Express
  • AJ Hackett Bungy, Tower Climb and Skyjump exclusive T-shirt
  • AJ Hackett International membership card - 20% discount worldwide
Important Information
  • These activity prices do not include tower entry price of MOP135
  • Jumpers / Climbers / Walkers - need to be able to fit into the harnesses to participate
  • Written parental authorization is needed for clients under 18 years old
  • Minimum age should be 10 years of age but it’s more a case if the client fits the harness than actually an age matter


You need to inform us of:

High Blood Pressure, Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Dislocations, Neurological Disorders, Vertigo… Please note- this list is NOT exhaustive.

Please advise our staff of any other medical condition you may have and we will help you decide whether or not you should participate in our activities. Please note if you are unsure you should ask your medical practitioner.


After Booking, Registration and Payment: No Refund