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The Macau

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AJ Hackett International has been working with the Shun Tak Group since 2001 planning and developing a world class urban adventure park.

During this time we have designed more then 10 unique adventures including Skyjump, Skywalk, Tower Climb and Guinness World Record Bungy Jump. These experiences have brought immense fun and excitement to locals and tourists alike offering them an alternative form of entertainment to what Macau has traditionaly had to offer.

Macau is one of the fastest growing city’s in the world and quickly becoming a tourism Mecca for Chinese and Western travelers. It has been referred to as the Las Vegas of Asia and the next big hub for entertainment in Asia.

We are always investigating new products and attractions for the future. We have the most technologically advance HD video system of any Bungy site in the world.

Macau can be reached by plane or on a 1 hour ferry ride from Hong Kong.