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Your Bungy Experience

“Amazing Sky Jump experience for my birthday (after you are done you want to do it again!!!)”

Stefano , IT

“I decided to give myself a strong emotion experience by booking the Skyjump (full package with videos and HD photos) in order to celebrate my birthday in a very special way. Well it was amazing and crazy at the same time. Skyjump is different from bungee since it is lasting a bit more (about 8 secs, bungee is super fast like 4).

All the jumpers before me did bungee hahaha (lots of brave Chinese girls, more than guys I would say) was the only one doing Skyjump but still I enjoyed it a lot. The set up is slightly different since the cords are on your waist while in bungee on your feet (let’s say).

Staff is very professional but at the same time they make fun on you….this is well needed since it is a kind of tense moment for yourself so with them you feel a very friendly and nice environment.

I really suggest to try it out (maybe both Skyjump and Bungee). After you are done you want to do it again. The most difficult part is jumping when you are at the edge but then of course once you there you need to it since: REMEMBER, EVERYDAY DO SOMETHING THAT REMINDS YOU’RE STILL ALIVE…well I still am 
(Stefano, 29+1 now, Italy)

SkyJump - Full