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What We Do Best

AJ Hackett, the company responsible for the adrenaline rush of almost four million people around the world is in Singapore!

Singapore’s most fun attraction for the whole family.
Situated on Sentosa Island’s beautiful Siloso beach you
are guaranteed to have an unforgettable day packed
with amazing experiences.

For those looking for the ultimate rush look no further
than our world-famous Bungy Jump. Standing 50
metres above the beautiful Siloso beach you can enjoy
the freedom and adrenaline of safely flying through the
air, with the option of a warm water touch in the bungy
pool below.

A must for families and friends is to bond in the
shared excitement of flying through the air on the
Giant Swing.

If you’re looking for something a little less adventurous
you’re in luck. Take the lift up 50 metres and you find
yourself at the Skywalk, a 40 metre walkway with
uninterrupted views of Sentosa and see through glass
floor sections. Then you can relax at our beach club
enjoying a delicious range of food and beverage

Your Adventure Starts Here. Book Now

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