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47m above the ground

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A new concept from AJ Hackett

Can you walk the talk at 47m above the ground?

The AJ Hackett Sentosa Skybridge was created to allow people of all ages to challenge and overcome that age-old fear of heights that causes everyone to get vertigo.

The Skybridge crosses the two towers at 47m above the ground. It allows customers to go out on an exposed bridge that is safe enough for everybody to walk on, eliminating the need for a harnessing system. There are see-through sections that can be a good challenge for you and your companions.

The Glass Cube takes the Skybridge challenge even up a notch. Try to step into the glass cube and see if your knees wouldn't shake. It looks easy enough, right? Well...

Skybridge is an alternative-- or a prelude to the Bungy Jump and the Giant Swing-- which can be experienced by everyone!

No bookings are necessary. Tickets can be purchased at the site.

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  • $15
  • Includes

    Access to the following areas on Level 17:

    Elevator/Lift to 17th Floor
    42m Skybridge
    L17 Bungy Viewing Area
    L2 Swing Viewing Area
    Paulaner Sunset Deck
    Glass Cube


  • 2m wide with transparent glazed flooring sections
  • 40m long
  • 47m high
  • 1.2m high hand rails
  • Epoxy coated steel gantry
  • Maximum load 10 tonne