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Vertical Skywalk
A first for Singapore

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Used by Navy Seals, The Army, and Hollywood. Asia's very first!

The Vertical Skywalk descent system is anchored from the jump deck level of the tower allowing customers to experience the freedom and excitement of walking vertically down the beach side shaft of the tower all the way to ground level.

This experience has been used by special forces, army, police, and more recently for corporate events. Sentosa is the first AJ Hackett site in the world to offer this unique product everyday, direct to customers.

This is also the world's first full time commercial Vertical Skywalk. 

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Vertical Skywalk

  • $59

  • Includes

    • 1x Vertical Skywalk
    • 1x Vertical Skywalk e-Certificate
    • 1 x Skybridge access (value $16)
    • 1x AJ Hackett International Membership - 20% off worldwide


  • 44m high
  • 2 individual systems
  • Customer controls speed
  • 1, 2 or 3 people at a time
  • 2 points of attachment at all times
  • 5-minute cycles (12 pax per hour) per system
  • 2 x 11mm diameter static ropes (double back up system

Photos & Videos

We take great pride in taking photos & Full HD video from the most outrageous vantage spots so you get THE BEST memories of your Bungy Jump! 

GoPro - We have GoPro's cameras' available for you to use.
Please ask our crew when you first sign in for availability and pricing!

Important Info

  • Minimum age 10 years old
  • Minimum weight 40kg
  • Maximum weight 105kg

Under 18’s require written parental consent


You need to inform us of:
High blood pressure, heart conditions, diabetes, pregnancy, 
epilepsy, dislocations, neurological disorders, vertigo… 
Please note - this list is NOT exhaustive.

There aren’t many restrictions:
Please call us to discuss further.


Before registration: Full refund
After registration: No refund