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Safety for our customers and crew is of the utmost importance to AJ Hackett International. We strive to eliminate any risk or potential for incident through the use of specialised technology, operational awareness, site design and crisis procedures.

All Jump crew are highly trained to the highest standards of Jump Master Accreditation and complete regular refresher courses through an independent trainer. The Code of Practice for Bungy Jumping, AS/NZS 5848, was developed by AJ Hackett in conjunction with the New Zealand and Australian Governments. These safety standards are the recognised standard for Bungy Jumping internationally.

All activity-related equipment used by AJ Hackett International is produced using the highest-available manufacturing standards. All bungy cords are manufactured specifically for each site by AJ Hackett International. Hardware utilised for operations requires ratings and certification before being introduced into operations.

These safety standards are the recognized
standard for Bungy Jumping internationally.

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If you have any questions regarding the safety or any technical information, please contact us on safety@ajhackett.com.

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That's Incredible

  • All equipment has a minimum breaking strain of 2.2 tonnes, that's strong enough to hold an elephant!

  • Total distance of Bungy stretched Bungy cords 191,235km, that's 4.7 times around the Earth!

  • Oldest Jumper 94 years old

  • Heaviest Jumpers 210 kgs

  • Most jumps in a day by one person 103 Mike Heard in Auckland, New Zealand

  • Most jumps in a day by a site 542 Cairns, Australia